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About Us

Just making life tee at a time. 

A few years ago, my boyfriend (now husband) suggested we open an edgy poster shop. (And by Edgy...I mean jokes that might make your gram blush.). He loved my art and thought we might be able to do something with it.  

After losing my job in 2017 (and his contract with Nintendo ending shortly after) we were in desperate need of rent money....and his idea was looking better and better. 

Instead of going the "raunchy" route, however...I began tapping into my love of Vintage.  Within the year, Puddin Threads was born and has become the fun store you have in front of you. 

Think our big moves are ending?? NAH AH!!!  This store has become SO much more than rent money!! In early 2025, Josh, our pup Phineas the Ferb, and I are making a big move to Spain!!

It's amazing what getting laid off can do for your future. 

Terra Josh and Phineas


Just wishing you a brilliant day.  I hope your sitting somewhere, with your favorite person, pet, and weather...thinking all the happy things. 

ALL are welcome here!! We only accept love through these doors! 

We can usually cater to all shapes and sizes!!  If you are looking for a particular size or style that isn't listed...I'm happy to help! 

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